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      I use Apple products. I am not a tech head so there are many things I do not understand. Today I noticed that there hundreds of files on my MacBook

      that appear to be related to Adobe. The files are stringtable.xml and stringtable.zdct. Should I delete these files or keep?


      Thank you

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Don't delete them until you know what they are. What makes you believe they are "related to Adobe". Adobe are a software company with many, many products. Please share your reasons, and also the location of the files.

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            williamw79340543 Level 1

            If I do the "get info" function on each individual file with .xml the words Adobe Application Manager

            are in the description . The files with .zdct the words Adobe Creative Cloud are in the description .

            Not sure what folder or location of the files. I discovered them when I was searching for other


            Thank you

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              On no account delete them. They are part of an app and you could break things unpredictably. You must find where files live before thinking about tidying them; these particular ones will be under /Applications. A working system has hundreds, it turns out. Keeping files tidy is very important but so is leaving system and app files alone. In fact Mac goes to some trouble to hide these files so maybe you asked to see hidden files or something.

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