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    Body does not move with the head

    GabiWolf Level 1

      It is to be crazy. No sooner have I solved a problem than the next .....

      Now I've tried the head rotation of my puppet with webcam. Unfortunately, the body does not move.

      I have already searched the forum for this topic. But all the solutions did not help me.

      Also the videos of Oka Samurai did not help me in this case.

      When I remove the "+" in "Front", "Right and Left Quarter" and "Right and Left Profile",

      the head deforms. If I put a "+" on torso, an error message will come.

      The handle head is connected to the body, the individual head views also.

      I have already shifted the Handel several times upwards and downwards. But that does not help either.

      What did I overlook?

      PS: So that the first thread of mine is not too long, I make now for new problems on new threads.

      Screenshots of this puppet (and problems) can be read here:

      Several problems: head, arms, walking, stage