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    Proxy workflow - Destination and Naming Convention Options

    Premiopolis Level 2

      Currently the options are a proxy folder next to the original source or a custom folder.

      There is no control over the naming convention.


      We have a workflow that would work better if we could store the Proxy in the same folder as the original (no sub-folder) and a naming convention that tags a "-Proxy" (as opposed to a "_Proxy") to the original name.


      Overall what we're looking for is a more sophisticated Destinations system for PPro and AME.

      Way back in the FCP-7 days they divided export presets into two types: Render and Destinations.


      Perhaps Adobe's "Ingest" presets are related to FCP's "Destinations".  What Adobe's lacking is the sophistication of the location and naming conventions -- an ability to control prefixes and suffixes, locations and dynamic options.  Or is that already in there, and I'm somehow just not seeing it?


      Feature request posted here: Proxy workflow - Destination and Naming Convention Options – Adobe video & audio apps