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    Head either doesn't appear or behaves strangely when switching views


      Hi, I'm new to character animator. My puppet is set up with triggers to switch poses. In one of my views (left profile), the head was disappearing as if it were expecting a front head (none existed in that view). I realized that some of the head layers for my left profile view were not named/tagged correctly, so I renamed and retagged them, but the behavior is still not working. The body flips but there is now only a 3/4 left view that is perpetually blinking and no profile view (though there is no more phantom front head). The heads are shareable - not sure if that is related. The unique views are left profile, left 3/4, front, right 3/4, and right profile.


      I cannot share the artwork as it's under NDA, but please let me know if you have any insight on how to solve this.