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    Unexpected Sign in failure trying to sync to Lightroom CC within Lightroom Classic CC




      I am using the most recent Lightroom Classic CC on my iMac and am successfully signed into Creative Cloud. I have in the past been able to successfully sign into Lightroom CC in the grey box on Classic so that my photos can sync, but it has always been buggy. Recently, I can't sign in to sync at all.


      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom Classic CC and resetting the preferences. None of these have helped. I get the message "Lightroom has experienced an unexpected sign in failure. Please try again later."


      Has anyone had this problem and is there a fix? I like to use Classic on my desktop and be able to do some editing with Lightroom CC my iPad, but now I can't get the two to sync.


      I have also signed in and out of Creative Cloud and clearing all syncing errors in the preferences panel.


      Thank you!