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    Camera not focusing on layer

    warpigs666 Level 1

      Hi. Why is it that when I set the camera focus distance to the same Z distance as a layer the layer is still not focus?  It’s like it’s sort of in focus but if it’s off to one side or the other it starts going out of focus too.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE's camera is perfect. No distortion, DOF based on the math for a perfect lens. if you are having DOF issues then you either don't completely understand how all of that works or you are making some inaccurate calculations or assumptions.


          Show us a screenshot of the problem with the modified properties of the layers that are giving you problems revealed. Just press the U key twice, PrintScreen and Paste to the forum or drag a screenshot to the reply field.

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            warpigs666 Level 1

            Ok here's what I've got. I've positioned two separate text layers, one near & one far. The I tried to focus the camera on each, and each shows lens focus distortion: the near text has it on the right side, but more importantly the far text layer has it much worse on the left side.


            near active camera.png

            near timeline.png

            near camera settings.png



            far active camera.png

            far timeline.png

            far camera settings.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You have created a very weird extremely large camera. It's the equivalent of a 5 X 7 view camera with a 100 MM lens. That's an awfully odd combination. Your aperture is extremely wide for that kind of a camera setup. In the real world, it would be extremely difficult to focus. I think AE's camera is having problems because you are so far out of bounds.


              I would start by choosing one of the default cameras. If you really need an 80º angle of view a 20mm lens is about right.


              The Ray-traced rendering engine is also awfully funky when it comes to rendering lens blur. If you increase the number of samples to get a decent look the render times go up exponentially. If I was trying to fiddle with extruded text in AE I would use C4D Lite. It will do a much better job extruding text.