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    Limit file size on export...what is it doing?

    Vcize Level 1

      I have a stitched panorama that is 12,000 x 5000 pixels.  When I export it as a jpg without any resizing it comes out to 70mb.  If I click the "limit file size" button to limit the file size to 25mb and of course it does that.  When I open the two files side by side and pixel peep I can barely see a difference in the quality of the smaller file, if at all, despite it being 30% the file size.


      I guess I should just enjoy and maybe not question it, but I'm worried if a big print is ordered from that smaller file if some differences might show up.  What exactly am I losing in compressing the file that much, what is Lightroom doing to lower the file size that much without lowering the resolution?