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    How to prevent the default download link to trigger under certain conditions?

    thomas.amsler Level 3

      We would like to keep the default download link tracking configured in the Analytics Extension's "Link Tracking" section with the default file extensions in place. But there are a few lightboxes which should not count towards a download. But as there is no specific rule for these, and the lnk_d is triggered automatically, how can I add some conditions? Can I prevent the tracking somehow in the custom doPlugins method?


      And a small side question, related to this, how can i clear the variables after this automatic lnk_d tracking?

      I have the following code in the doPlugins where these variables are also sent with the next custom link on the same page:

      if (s.linkType === 'd') {

        s.linkTrackVars = 'events,eVar11,prop11';

        s.linkTrackEvents = 'event4';

        s.events = 'event4';

        s.eVar11 = s.linkURL.split('/').pop();

        s.prop11 = 'D=v11';