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    Import captivate slides

      When I try to import slides from another Captivate (3) project, it doesn't complete. Tried impoting to new (empty) project. Tried one slide at a time. After I select the slide and try to import, Captivate "hangs". Sometimes it appears to complete but the slide is blank. It has even corrupted my project (won't re-open after saving). I have increased my memory, and tried network drives and C:/ drive. Hoping it's a setting I missed or something like that. Should I look at the "from" project or the "to" project. Thanks for your help!!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi John and welcome to our community

          Another way to attempt this would be to open both projects in two different instances of Captivate. Then select the slide in the source instance, copy it to the Windows Clipboard. Then paste it into the destination project.

          Hopefully this helps a little... Rick