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    LR Classic can I remove All Synced Photos without removing the originals from their Collections


      I use LR Classic and dont have LRCC installed. Recently I was prompted to Optimise Catalogue and having done so, all photos (inadvertantly) previously synced (to where I know not) disappeared from their collections. I was able to painstakingly put them all (nearly 3000) back into their appropriate collections from the All Synced Photographs folder (they are still appearing there), but fear this will happen again when LR wants to Optimise Catalogues again in the future.


      I have made sure Sync Photos option is now turned off but would like to remove all photos from or completely delete the All Synced Photos folder. Should I do this and if I did would it remove them from their collections again or worse, remove them from LR classic alogether?


      Any advice greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.