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    Importing images in Word Doc

    HKabaker Level 2
      My colleague recently had Office 2007 installed, then RH 7.

      She started a new project and imported a Word *.docx file. RH did everything I expect it to do except for this:
      The images do not appear in the topics. It creates a separate project manager folder for the images, as I expect it to do.

      However, the folder seems to contain nothing. Normally, I would expect to see images listed there. They aren't in the top directory as baggage files, either. They are in .gif and .jpg formats.

      The images do show up in the project's Windows directory, in the new folder corresponding to the "empty" directory in project manager. The Unused Files report finds them.

      I can't figure out what my colleague may have done when built the Word .doc -- nothing any different from what I usually do -- that could explain this. Saving it as .docx or as .doc makes no difference. Converting it from .docx to .doc doesn't fix it. The import goes exactly the same on my two PCs. One runs Office 2007 and RH 7. The other runs Word 2003 and RH 7. Of course, .docx won't run in the latter environment. Any .docx or .doc files that I built work fine.

      I found two workarounds, but first I'd really like to know what conditions in her Word files would cause RH to do this. Has anyone seen it, and is there a simple way to fix the Word doc?

      Otherwise these are her options:

      Option 1. Create a new Word document in Word 2007 and insert the complete original file (the new Word menu moved this to Insert > Object > Text from File). Save the new file as .doc or .docx. Import the new file into RH 7. Images appear in the topics and in the project manager under a new folder. (Copy all and paste into the new Word doc also works.)

      She has several large Word documents to deal with, so this is less than ideal.

      Option 2. In the new topics in RH, insert the images where they belong. While they don't appear in the project manager, the insert image dialog finds them. After we insert an image, RH shows it in the project manager. Probably, this would take longer than Option 1.

      Any ideas?