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    Who owns intellectual property rights for websites I create?

    jarvis393 Level 1

      I am just now starting to think through the implications of Adobe abandoning Muse. 

      This will be the second time I have had the horse shot out from under me and I really don't want to do this again.

      I am trying to figure out now if there are viable alternatives to Muse or whether I need to embrace something like Dreamweaver.


      My very first website was created with Apple iWeb.  It was a wonderful piece of software and got the job done for me.

      When my OSX would no longer talk to iWeb I paid to join every no-code program I could find.  I could never find a template that exactly served my needs so was very excited when I came across Muse.   I would like to find something like this again.


      In doing more research I came across a site called XYZ Website Builder.

      I like a lot of things about it and was just about to join until I came across a page that described intellectual property rights.

      It said things like


      " ...........you hereby grant to XYZ Website Builder , a worldwide, non-exclusive license to...........reproduce, distribute,..........or sell to third parties Your content from time to time, now or anytime in the future, for any purpose................ You agree and understand that You automatically forfeit Your right to any intellectual property rights in this Content"


      Does this mean that if I were to create a website for my own company, or had a business that created websites for other companies, XYZ Website Builder would own all of the content?   Does this mean they could take any section of my website an sell it to anybody who wanted to buy it?


      If I were to create a compelling website that resonated with my customers, could somebody else just buy a copy of the is website from XYZ Website Builder?


      Are there any caveats like this deep within the Muse User Agreement?