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    CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe error message  (Windows 7)

    peternelson Level 1

      I've had Adobe Creative Cloud for several years and whatever updates or other stuff it needs to do all seem to happen quietly in the background.  Until now...


      My PC's run 24/7 and this morning when I came down to the studio I had a dialog on the screen saying "This destination already contains a folder named 'Adobe Desktop Common' and asking if I still wanted to merge them.  There was one called 'Adobe Desktop Common' and one called 'Adobe Desktop Common_4.6.0.384'


      Microsoft Sysinternals Process Explorer confirmed that the source of this dialog was CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe.


      If I dismiss the dialog with a "No" it puts up another one complaining about another Adobe folder.     Why am I getting this stuff now and how do I prevent it?


      Thanks in advance.