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    Video "dropouts" in MXF export

    Oak Brook Productions Level 1

      Hi all. MacOS 10.12.6, PremiereCC 12.1.1


      I've had occasional problems with what I describe as "video dropouts" (similar to what you used to see in the videotape days) in our master MXF show output.


      This particular segment that exhibits these dropouts was shot, edited and exported using XDCAM EX 1080i60 codec. For the master export sequence, I make a video nest of all the video tracks, and add the .scc caption file on the track above,, then queue it to ME for export. I also make h264 exports for YouTube distribution. 


      I've attached a screengrab showing the same frame in both the MXF export, and the h264.  You can plainly see the horizontal schmutz in the left side image...this is the offending issue.

      MXF vs h264 comparison.png

      And as a side note, we've had this problem off and on with various versions of PProCC, so this is not a new occurence caused by the latest update.


      any ideas?