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    Frame Hold Glitch

    kathrinwest Level 1

      So this has only been an intermittent problem, and it's unclear if there is a trigger that would make it predictable. I am using a frame hold to pause a video and bring in a second PIP video that plays while the primary video is paused. The Frame-Held clip keyframes a zoom out to 90% and a zoom in to full. I used to do this process by taking a screenshot of the frame, importing the screenshot and applying the effects to that. Using the Frame Hold function just maintains a cleaner capture scratch and is easier to adjust if I decide to choose a different frame to pause the video. The problem is that twice now (first time was months ago when I was working on the proof for this project) the frame held footage "ends" before the clip ends. The image is still visible at the point in the timecode, and it exports as though nothing were wrong. But in the Effect Controls tab, the footage does not fill the timeline and I cannot apply the necessary keyframes to zoom in and out.


      Last time this happened I spent a good while searching and trying to find if anyone else had encountered this and find a solution--without success, and in the end just resorted to using my old method with the screenshot and moving on.


      Has anyone else encountered this unpredictable glitch? Were you able to correct it (not just work around it)?


      Here is a screenshot of the problem. My cursor is on a frame after the footage "ends" so you can see that Premiere is still reading the clip.

      Screenshot (32).png

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4

          I'm not sure what you mean by 'screen capture' but assume it's the camera icon to save a TIF ? Then you drag that into your timeline and do what you want ?


          That has always been my favorite cause it gives me total control over that thing ( I usually open TIFF in photoshop and do stuff in there if necessary and THEN stick in timeline. e.g. make it a psd, add layers, text, etc....and import it as necessary ( choosing layers etc.).


          Exporting a still frame from Premiere Pro



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            kathrinwest Level 1

            That's exactly what I meant by screen capture. My preferred format is PNG because I often use them to create fills for poor keys and then I can reimport them from PS with the alpha transparent.

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              rodneyb56060189 Level 4

              cool. So, unless someone else has a brain storm I guess it's best to stick with what has been working without glitches ?


              : )


              Sorry, I just like depending less on programmers and shortcuts and like to do stuff in simple manner, like you've done in past.

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                kathrinwest Level 1

                As I said, that's what I did the first time it happened. This time, I initially took a screenshot and did it that way, but later decided to adjust the frame and the glitch didn't happen on the new frame hold. The first time this happened, I tried deleting it and resetting the Frame Hold but the same thing happened over and over. But adjusting the frame by 1 was all it took to get it to work as intended.


                For simply pausing a video, the Frame Hold function is a lot simpler than creating more capture scratch files (that can be lost in the shuffle after the project gets archived, or if after you've applied your effects and previewing it comes out choppy and you want to select the next frame in the timeline - with an exported frame, you have to overwrite with the new one, or not and then have to replace the image file in the project, and in both those cases the cache can cause issues where it's not showing the right image.)

                I use the screen captured shots all the time for other stuff, but for this, it's more like Final Cut where you just selected a frame, right click "make freeze frame" and it made a clip you could use anywhere in the project but wasn't created outside of the project. So much simpler.


                In case I was unclear, I already knew the workaround. I posted this to see if anyone else out there had ever had the same problem.

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                  rodneyb56060189 Level 4

                  I'm sure someone will have a good solution for you !


                  : )