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    Project/Bin Headers: How to change what is displayed with greater speed and ease

    Premiopolis Level 2

      Currently control over which headers (i.e. Metadata columns) are displayed in the Project/Bin Panel is a bit on the clumsy side.



      When editing the need to update what info is displayed in what moment is a constantly and fast changing thing.  The Bin Panel displays need to keep pace.



      For instance...

        In one moment you want to see your project items' Media Duration or Start time.

        The next you're thinking content, and it's Description / Comments

        Then for media management you're looking at OS File Path & Name.

        It on and on: Frame Rate (24, 23.976, 30, etc), Aspect Ratio, Video & Audio Usage, Proxy Connects and Paths.



      ...the faster and more efficient the ability to switch between Bin Panel columns the better.



      Unfortunately this aspect of PPro is encumbered in a few ways:

        a) Changing the headers involves at least 5 clicks:

        1 - Open Metadata Display Popup (right click column headers)

        2 - Choose Metadata display...

        3 - Settings Pulldown

        4 - Select Setting

        5 - OK button

        b) Step 3 above reveals a list of items listed in hard-to-reckon order.  It's not alphabetical.  Maybe order of creation?  Whatever it is, it's not easily or obviously manageable.

        Compare all that to Avid which has a single pull-down menu that maintains alphabetical order and takes 2 clicks to change a Bin View.



      Some improvements that would transform this corner of PPro:

        - Ability to switch Bin Displays from directly within a Bin Panel in 1 or two clicks

        - Ability to remove a column from directly within a Bin Panel (Doesn't delete the data, just the visibility of the column)

        - Ability to add custom Metadata Properties by directly typing them into empty space in the Property Headers bar (If custom property does yet not exist, it gets added. If it does, any pre-existing property data populates the column)

        - Ability to save a Metadata Display view from directly within a Bin Panel

        - Ability to not only sort based on a column, but also sub-sort, sub-sub-sort, so that columns with repeating values can be sub-sorted on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th columns etc.


      These features would greatly increase ease of asset management, navigation, and the ability to organize and find media quickly and easily.


      Feature request posted here: Ability to Change Bin Columns with greater speed and ease – Adobe video & audio apps