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    unable to create image-based pop-up menu

      Working in FW MX (yes, I know I'm behind the times!).

      Created a pop-up menu; want to experiment with image-based options, rather than html. When I choose IMAGE on the Appearance tab of the pop-up editor, no styles are available in the style choosers for up/over states. (And there ARE styles in the assets--including some that I've just created.) Furthermore, when I click through the NEXT buttons to DONE, then return to edit this pop-up menu, it's defaulted back to html. Image just won't stick.

      The documentation says this should be simple and straightforward, but it ain't. I've spent several hours struggling with this.
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          ccharacter99 Level 1
          Okay, on the suggestion of one tech support person, I logged in as a different Windows user. Whaddaya know, the style options were there! However, when the file is exported, all I get is the html version, no image/style-based popup. Same when I preview it in browser (IE7, FireFox). But the preview in the pop-up editor does show the styles applied--they just don't make it to publication for some reason.