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    Why does Lumetri now have to render?




      I have a question that is hopefully an easy fix.


      I have been using PrPro for a few months and I am ok with it. Love/Hate kinda thing. I was using an A7II for a while and got some pretty ok 1080/24 shots and would film local music scenes and whatnot. I upgraded to the a6500 for the incredilbe video quality, and I tell you.. its incredible. Blew me away and still does every time I use it.


      However recently I have run into an issue. When I am running a 1080 sequence. Lumetri stays yellow bar and runs smooth. Now that I am using 4K/30, Lumetri goes red and takes forever to render. Why the change when I change resolutions?


      I edit in small low-res proxies and try to keep my workload to just color and editing but this extra render step has really killed my efficiency.