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    Panorama merging


      Hi I am trying to stitch together some panoramas and am having nothing but grief. I use a pano - head on the tri-pod, I adjust for parallax , I have a nice level camera centered on my tri-pod and I shoot in 15 deg intervals. If I attempt to merge in light room I get dark vertical lines through the sky like there is a gap between photos ( and like I said I shoot at 15deg per shot so there should be plenty of overlap). Also  while attempting to create a preview of the merge on another set of photos, the program will suddenly stop and say "unknown error", and quit.  I sync all of the photos before starting to adjust for my lens as well.


      If I attempt to merge them on photo shop I get worse results. I wind up with a terribly distorted image at times and or white lines all through the image, it doesn't matter what type of merge I choose, the results are still lousy. On the plus side with photo shop I don't have the dark vertical lines as with light room; it does a good job of blending the images its just distorted and has white lines.


      I can see a free editing software saying "unknown error " but when you pay for the damned software you should expect a bit more info than that.


      Thanks for any input you may have.