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    TC generator that counts down?

    andershaavie Level 1

      I have a friend that works with music-shows. Before doing a job he sits down with the music and makes a dummy edit with the musicscore so he can get a feel for the editing.


      So what he does is that he puts down the song on the timeline, and starts multicam edititing between video dummyfiles that says CAM1.. CAM2 etc with a countdown on each clip.


      How would I introduce a countdown on all the clips ? I can count up easily with the TC Generator, but not down.


      Is this possible? I know this is a strange workflow but any tips of how to solve this problem would be highly appreciated.


      (a long and slow process would be to edit first and then introduce an countdown on a adjustment layer and then adjust it for each clip, but it would take quite a long time.)