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    My audio from multi-cam clips keeps changing after 'locating media'


      I have a bit of a dodgy USB port and my hard drive sometimes disconnects. It means that sometimes my media goes offline and I have to 'locate media'. I keep getting a problem related to my multi-cam clips after locating media.


      It locates my media but changes the audio to a completely separate audio track or the audio is completely silent.


      Does anyone know what I can do?


      Also if I haven't explained this very well then let me know!


      Thanks a lot!

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Sounds quite annoying, noswally. I have the same issue with a dodgy Thunderbolt port. I literally tape it down now! I think that's the problem you should solve first. Relinking files, especially render files (and I assume multi-camera sequences) can be tricky when your drive gets yanked. Please file a bug here related to your issue.


          Let us know what you end up doing to fix this. I'll do my best to advocate for better relinking in situations such as yours. Sorry for the inconvenience.