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    Segment ID


      How do I find the segment ID for a segment that I have created. I am looking for a value similar to (s3751_59c0261db5e1f3497b9b8d39).


      I need the segment ID so that I can use the segment in Power BI using the Power BI Adobe connector, as my segments currently do not show up.



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          ursboller Experience Cloud MVP

          a few ideas:

          1) open the segment in „segment builder“ and copy last part of URL

          2) when saving a new segment, inspect traffic and search for API call saving/updating the segment (id either in request or response)

          3) use API to search for segment by name, tag, owner and/or reportsuite

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            thomase92025994 Level 1

            Thanks, the last part of the URL works great! Just what I was looking for

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              vijayakumar.raju Level 3

              Hi ,


              I was little confusion on that "Last part of URL" in your comment statement. Now I understand that is nothing but once we went to the segments builder category from Adobe Anlaytics platform and edit the existing segments and then copy the landing page URL for particular segments and then finally select the last part of the landing page URL (i.e.) similar to "edit/s3751_59c0261db5e1f3497b9b8d39".


              Now, my question is I am just wondering If we are not enable the "Make this an Experience Cloud Audience (for xyzreportsuite) from the Adobe Analytics segments and will directly copy the last part URL and will create Trait expression from Adobe Audience Manager then what will the impact being process for this case.


              Please clarify my query and let me know if you are not understand?




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                ursboller Experience Cloud MVP


                i have no idea what you mean - might be fue to my lack of knowledge about AAM


                i suggest you open a new question since this one is marked as „solved“ and maybe nobody will ever look at it