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    Replace fonts en mass

    cgoebelx Level 1

      Hello All,


      My current employer had used a special font set that is no longer required / used. They have decided to use all Arial font for all CBT/WBTs.


      Is there a way to mass edit fonts in Captivate 9? Using Object Styles Manager, I tried to edit the styles to how they should be, exported all of them, and tried to Import and update them in another Captivate project. It seemed to work somewhat, but hoping there is a better way!



      Have you had to update fonts, en mass before? 


      Thank you for your insight!



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          chrismay@delta Level 2

          If all of your published lessons are HTML5, you can open the CPM.js and search and replace the fonts.

          Here is a bit of code from the CPM.js file:


          '<div><div style="margin-left:0px;text-align:left;"><span class="cp-actualText" style="line-height:129%;color:#003366;font-size:22px;font-family:\'Arial regular\',Arial;"><span style="">24 fps   With audio $$text$$</span></span><span class="cp-actualText" style="line-height:129%;color:#003366;font-size:22px;font-family:\'Arial regular\',Arial;"><br></span></div></div>'


          Just save the file and re-open the course in a browser to see the change. You might need to clear your cache to see the changes.

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            cgoebelx Level 1

            I'm in the process of "cleaning" these modules. They are not currently published as HTML5, but I will be re-publishing them in HTLM5, as part of the process. Since the "conversion" turns everything into Times New Roman (and this company used proprietary fonts, that they no longer want).


            I'd LOVE to be able to mass edit via the JS code, but am not sure about how to open the CPM.js file to edit it. What "tool" do you use to edit the js?


            Thank you!

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I use Brackets, but Notepad+ is another good tool.

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                chrismay@delta Level 2

                Brackets is good! You could also use Dreamweaver.


                Both have options to search and replace across multiple files.

                Here is a link to a video that goes through how to do that with brackets: Brackets Editor Find & Replace Exclusion Sets | CSS Snippets , at 5:40 she talks about multiple files.


                Just be sure you have tested all your search and replace "terms" on one lesson and ensure that it opens and works as expected before doing in bulk.