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    Camera raw plugin only with Bridge or Lightroom (without Photoshop CS)

    petr66machacek Level 1

      I have a question. I used to use Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw plugin till now. These were the only 2 products I need to work with my photos. After reinstalation of my PC I lost the old licenses and I need to buy some new ones. I would like to ask you is there any possibility of Adobe Bridge modul and Camera Raw plugin combination only without Lightroom or Photoshop CS? Or, alternatively, is it possible to buy only Lighthroom and use the Bridge and Camera Raw plugin this way? I mean will the Camera Raw plugin work with the Lightroom only without Photoshop CS? My idea is to open the photos in Bridge, pick up the snap and by double click open it in Camera Raw plugin. That´s the way I´ve used it till now. Thanks for your reply.