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    Font names listed at top of some topics

    Den DiMarco
      When I recently compiled my Robolhelp for Word help to Microsoft HTML help layout, I saw that the first topics in some books display many fonts names in very large size at the beginning of the topic. In the sample below my signature, the final phrase "AFD Console" is the actual heading for the topic. The font names that precede the heading should not be there. (They don't show in the Winhelp 2000 layout output.)

      How do I get rid of all of the font names that precede "AFD Console?"


      Den DiMarco:

      Arial;Courier New;Symbol;Courier ;Wingdings;Times New Roman CE;Times New Roman Cyr;Times New Roman Greek;Times New Roman Tur;Times New Roman (Hebrew);Times New Roman (Arabic);Times New Roman Baltic;Times New Roman (Vietnamese);Arial CE;Arial Cyr;Arial Greek;Arial Tur;Arial (Hebrew);Arial (Arabic);Arial Baltic;Arial (Vietnamese);Courier New CE;Courier New Cyr;Courier New Greek;Courier New Tur;Courier New (Hebrew);Courier New (Arabic);Courier New Baltic;Courier New (Vietnamese);AFD Console