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    Pause slideshow music to play video


      I've created a slideshow using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, where music clips play while the slideshow is running.  When it gets to a video, the music continues to play while the video is running.  How can I pause/stop the background music?  It is a 'Celebration of Life' video, so I really need the audio from the video without the background music.  Thanks for your help.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi soulignymk,


          Sorry about the delayed response. Do you mean that once you export the slideshow as a video you cannot play/pause the background music like you were doing within the app?


          I believe once the video is exported the music and audio are both hard-coded into the video and cannot be played separately.




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            soulignymk Level 1



            Thank you for your prompt response.  My video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, it was then imported into my slideshow using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.  Even before exporting, and just previewing the slideshow, the music plays in the background of my video.  I've even attempted to add exactly the amount of audio needed for the slideshow, then place the video in the end, but the music repeats after the last slide.  Apparently, there is no way to turn off the auto repeat function for the music either?  If this can not be done using Lightroom, do you know of any other Adobe software or method where I can accomplish this?


            It is really important that I be able to play the video, without the distraction of background music.


            Thanks in advance.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As you have discovered, the slideshow module in Lightroom does not have the flexibility that you require. You might consider doing the slideshow and video using Premiere Pro.

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