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    Adobe Acrobat Pro file association problem

    grguthrie Level 1

      I cannot associate Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to open pdf files.


      Trying to do it through the default-programs association, it does not appear on the list of possible programs to open pdf file types. And there is a bug in Windows to try to do associate by program ;

         https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_update-insiderplat _pc/set-default-by-app-crashes-settings-for-some/7a468a89-2366-4ba2-a02d-4a5df0b1170f?mess ageId=32b32fa6-f864-489d-ba3e-0ef656af7b47

      I can run it from start menu, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro - (And it is in control panel: Programs, showing it is installed) but it does not show up in list of pdf capable options for associate by file type.

      And even trying the "open with" on a pdf file, it also is not on the options list, and navigating to the .lnk file (the shortcut in the start menu), that won't do an association either - First the link is not shown, and then in the chooser window selecting "all file types", it shows up, but selecting it responds, "This app cannot run on your PC".

      Oddly; it seems like selecting the “Adobe Acrobat XI Pro shortcut” as the program to open with, although the file is a .lnk type, instead it gives a file association of “_SC_Acrobat.ico” (visible in properties of a .pdf file).

      Seems like to will only do an association with (.exe, .pif, .com, .cmd. .bat) files through this dialog, although obviously one can associate with links. (Naturally - this all used to work fine!  :-) )

      And opening Acrobat Pro, brings up a dialog box - "Make Acrobat my default pdf application." But, "ok" does not do it.

      However, if I just open the link directly, it runs fine.

      1. Argh.