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    Recent Updates and Color Profile Issues

    The Art of Retouching

      Short version: I have multiple photographer clients, so I used a Press Profile of D55, Gamma 1.8, 140 cd/m20 across the board. I have a wedding Photographer who used D65, Gamma 2.2, 160 cd/m2. In January 2018 it did not matter, as we were both happy for previous 2017. In February Lightroom v7.2 came out, and I saw nothing new, but photographer saw pink faces and yellow walls. In April, Lightroom 7.3 came out, and I saw nothing new, but photographer started seeing nuclear skin tones (heavy yellow, orange and reds).


      I don't see anything on internet about this specifically, but as I know they have been playing with their color profiles (which dont even work with other programs, btw), I wanted to address this directly, and hear your thoughts. I could loose my job over thousands of reprint costs that no one noticed at first, but now is painfully obvious.


      I am adjusting my workflow for future, but any knowledge of this topic would be helpful.