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    Help with Form




      I'm having trouble with forms on my website www.tetrabrands.com


      I've tried several Muse forms from the library and from third party websites like creative market and none of them ever work. I never get any of the submissions even though the form will say submitted. I have my own domain email info@tetrabrands.com and still nothing as I've read this could be the solution.


      I've resorted to using wufoo forms as that is the only form I can get to work on my website. While this will suffice for the time being, I would really love to get some of the other forms to work since they look much nicer.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          this has nothing to do with Muse and you don't host on BC so its not even Adobe... common law for email hosting is to only allow addresses that match and you are in the US so that will be hard to get around


          I recommend you talk to the host server and see what they can offer you

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