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    Adobe adding some symbols to campaign name




      we have recently stumbled upon some problem with campaigns' naming in Adobe Analytics. We are using tracking template to send data from Google AdWords to Adobe Analytics and recently it started not to translate %20 as space and also it is randomely adding 25s between % symbol and number 20.


      So in Adobe Analytics it looks like this:






      Nevertheless it is the same campaign and it is just adding some symbols in it and we did not change tracking URL in AdWords. Should we just remove %20 from our tracking parameter to solve this issue? How can something like this happen?




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          pabloc82923542 Level 4

          You are experiencing URL encoding issues. Adwords takes your URL then when processed (once served and clicked) the subsequent URL of some destination servers gets re-encoded. Its a fault in part of Adwords/backend handling of URLS and some servers that the destination URL is pointing on cant handle the re-encoded URL. From a URL perspective you shouldn't have spaces in it so any IDs you make shouldn't either. Myself I like to use"|" pipe, but it can also fall under re encoding problems. Your best bet that shouldn't be a problem is "_" the underscore. the beauty here what you see in URL will mirror your data in Adobe Analytics.




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            Nothera Level 1

            Hello pabloc82923542, I thought this might solve this problem, but do you think why this started happening just recently? Until few days ago it worked just fine. We had some technical difficulties on our servers just before this problem started. So is it possible one thing has something to do with other?

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              pabloc82923542 Level 4

              I would guess its your servers perhaps the way they encode things changed if they did an upgrade lets sa.. but spaces are bad period. Makes for trouble everytime and as you get more complex and start to serve URLs in more adnetworks will open you up to more problems.

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