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    movie stack

      I'm working in Director 11 and need to keep a cast member (a movie - windows media) to stay at the back of the stack and just loop. I have another member in front of it so it looks like the movie fades out into the stage. When it's not playing it looks perfect, as soon as I play (as well as publish) the movie moves to the very front covering everything else and it seems to loose its "opacity" settings. Is there a different format to use? I'm bringing it in from After Affects so I have quite a few formats to choose from (a few I've tried and still does the same thing)
      Maybe a way to lock the movie ( I have tried to use the lock setting in the score, but doesn't seem to help.

      I have a presentation coming up soon and really need some help on this - so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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          Make sure that the movie is not Direct To Stage (DTS) or it will always
          be rendered in front of everything else.

          You can also use a trick like moving the movie off the stage and
          replacing it with a bitmap image that looks exactly like the last frame
          of the movie...
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            Well you inadvertently solved the problem. Thank you.
            Windows Media did not give me the choice of DTS, but I noticed that a Flash element on the stage did, so I converted the "Windows Media" to Flash (with the DTS turned off) and now it works perfectly - Thank you very much for the quick response.
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              Most video sprites need to have their member.directToStage property set
              to FALSE in order to layer with other sprites on stage. I don't know
              OTTOMH whether #windowsMedia implements such a property