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    Sound won't loop

      Basically I want a music clip to loop in the background. I got it to load and play, but it won't loop. I've tried a few ways including;

      song = new Sound();
      song.loadSound("song.mp3", true);
      song.play(0, 1);


      var song = new Sound();
      song.onLoad = function() {
      song.loadSound("song.mp3", true);

      But it never wants to repeat. I know that there's no 'silence' in the sound so it has to be something in the script. Any help?
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          NSurveyor Level 2
          AFAIK, a streaming sound doesn't dispatch the onSoundComplete event. Instead, you could try loading the sound first before playing it. Something like:

          song = new Sound();
          song.onLoad = song.onSoundComplete = function(){
          this.start(0, 1);
          song.loadSound("song.mp3", false);