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    Fillable form: Creating Custom-Sized check-boxes/transparent strike-over on "yes/no"

    Case59 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a fillable PDF form, using an existing form. I'm new to Adobe Acrobat and this is my first time trying to create such a form. Two questions:


      1. The existing form has something like 50 check-boxes. How do I create a custom-sized check box, so I don't have to manipulate the size of the box each time?


      2. The form has several "yes/no" choices, and other places where strike-overs are required. How do I make it so the user can put an "x"or check-mark on yes or no or other text without blocking out the original text?


      I am the newbiest newbie. In general, if anyone can recommend any Youtube or other tutorials for creating fillable forms, that would be great.


      Thanks for any help.