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    RH5 Strange Issue

      First off, I am new to using Robohelp and I realize my company uses an older version. I wasn't given much (read: any) instruction in it's use and my web authoring knowledge is minimal.

      The issue I'm having is that within Robohelp I have a link to a valid folder and htm file that was created with frontpage. The htm file is basically just a linked image (the images are within the same directory) with a mapped portion to the next htm file. It's just a walkthrough of an internal system we use for training.

      Currently several of these older htm files and links work correctly. When any attempt is made to change the path/contents the web browser (IE6 and 7 in this case) returns a page cannot be displayed error.

      I've inspected the code and found everything within the actual coding to be identical, minus the actual file name and creation date.

      I'm at a loss to what could be causing such a simple break. I'm not even sure it is Robohelp that is causing it, to be honest. Any help would be appreciated. I hope I've given a good summary of the issue.

      Thanks in advance.