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    Library Module VERY Slow Since Last Update

    stepbar Level 1

      Since the last update (7.4 [1176617] ) LR is incredibly slow in the library module.  Moving from one folder to another takes about a minute when it just says "Loading", searching and filtering can take minutes.  Before this update it was perfectly fine.  Exports take 10 times longer than they should, adding keywords is really slow and tedious.  (I'd say everything is running at least 5 times slower than it did previously).


      It's also really unresponsive: sometimes I'd have to try 3 or 4 times to export some files, Searches don't even start, moving collections can take 3 minutes when it was instantaneous.


      I've done the usual such as optimised the library, but it happens on all libraries.


      Anyone else experiencing this, and anyone know how to resolve it?