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    iPhoto to to LR plugin questions

    Califdan2 Level 1

      Hi,  I am a PC users but will be helping someone migrate from iPhoto on their Mac to LR Classic CC.  I have read many blogs and articles and understand that you can  use a Plug-in that ships with LR, you can make a real folder from the iPhoto "package" and import into LR or you can export from iPhoto and import into LR.  It seems each of these has pros and cons which I'm trying to understand.


      If I had my own MAC I'd just experiment to figure this out, but I don't so must ask others


      Plugin Method


      1. Do you have any control over the folder structure that LR creates and if not what folder structure does it use?
      2. Does this method bring over the original (unedited) images (e.g. RAW files) or edited files or both?  and for edited files what file format does it use?
      3. I have seen that in this method it creates collections for events and albums among other things as well as keywords.  So that is an advantage if those features were heavily utilized in iPhoto


      Manually import the "Masters" folder from the iPhoto Package



      1. Is it correct that this will just bring across the original, unedited,  (e.g. RAW) files?
      2. I assume the files will include the original EXIF and IPTC data but nothing that was entered in iPhoto.  is that correct?


      Export from Iphoto then import into LR


      1. As I understand, one can export either the "originals" or "edited" image versions from iPhoto.  Is that correct?
      2. If, so, are the "originals" always the file format that was imported (e.g. CR2 or NEF) or is there a choice (e.g. TIFF)?
      3. If one exports edited versions is there a choice of file type and what, if any, iPhoto metadata is included?  For example if we export to jpg will iPhoto keywords or album name be in the metadata? 


      thanks for your help

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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          I can't answer every single question, but here are a few answers:


          - An original is an original. That means it's the original file type and you don't get a choice of file types.

          - The plugin creates a dated folder structure. You don't get a chance to change that.

          - The plugin brings over the unedited originals and their metadata (keywords, ratings), including metadata added in iPhoto. I believe you get a choice to bring over a copy of the edited version as well as a JPEG if you want to.

          - If you export a photo from iPhone, the metadata will contain keywords, but not album names.

          - If you import the Masters folder of the iPhoto package you will import 'virgin' images. Nothing that was done in iPhoto will come over in that case.