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    Action Script including error

      Hi all,
      i'm working on flex 3 learning step by step.
      Anycase here a found a strange problem. I've done a .as with all the function i need and a mxml working on it, that include the .as.
      Well the mxml does not include really the action script file. I tried many ways but nothing.
      That's the simple sintax
      <mx:Script source="FileName.as" />

      I create a button in the mxml file that recall a function (asubmit) in the "FileName" action script file, here the error:
      Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
      1180: Call to a not defined metod asubmit. FileName.mxml line 9 1206624023951 74

      I can't understand where it's the error...all the sintax look good.

      found it.
      Tag error on Action script file... -_-"
      u can close.