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    Premiere Pro Timeline gets "sticky" and useless after working in a project!

    b00k3nds Level 1

      Bug - YouTube


      Watch this video from 2:06 to see the issue. I have this bug that occurs every now and then in seemingly random projects. The timeline becomes stuck, the scrubber doesn't visually move, but pressing play brings it back. Selecting tracks doesn't work, because the box just gets stuck there. The whole project basically becomes laggy. I'll try other past projects and it works. Working off a 1TB HD with plenty of space, that normally never gives me any issues.


      I'm working with 4k footage here, but the intro you see me dragging onto the timeline after the first two clips is 1080.


      Things I've tried:

      Uninstalling and reinstalling premiere

      deleting media cache and media cache files

      creating a new project

      creating a new sequence in both this project and a new project

      restarting my PC

      changing from hardware acceleration to OpenCL only and then to Software only, still had this issue



      GeForce GTX 1070

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz

      15.95 GB RAM


      Need some help, thanks!