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    Is there a way to access a duplicate pin if it's under another one?

    JonTime Level 1

      I have two pins that are sitting on top of eachother, due to duplicating. Moving them is not ideal as they are custom shapes.


      The bottom one can only be adjusted if I move the top one out of the way, then have to move it back.

      Although originally a duplicate, the strokes and adjustments are different between the two pins.


      Is there a way to make both pins accessible? either by:

      - moving the pin without moving the strokes (or vice versa)

      - a keyboard shortcut to toggle, cycle through all the pins

      - a way to select the desired pin - like ctrl-right click in photoshop for choosing layers

      or some other method.


      At the moment my option is to either remake one of the adjustment brushes, or two move them and try to realign manually by eye every time i wish to make a change. But I'm hoping for future I can learn if there's a simple solution to this?


      Thanks for any help.