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    Recording triggers makes a thousand tracks in my timeline

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      So I've got a fairly complex puppet I'm working with. There are Right Quarter, Right Profile, Left Quarter, and Left Profile head positions with 3 cycle layers between each different position of the head, as well angry/worried brows (also with cycle layers) mouths, etc. When I set my triggers for the sad mouth, I used the 'M' key for the sad mouth on each head position (RQ, RP, LQ, LP, and the intervening cycle layers). Now when I recorded, alternating between the happy (default) mouth and the sad mouth, it created a sad-mouth track in my timeline for every head position (17 different sad-mouth tracks), even though I hadn't turned the character's head. Editing all those different mouth tracks in the timeline is becoming a pain, and the problem gets much worse when I add eyebrows and actual head turns.


      Is there a way to make it only create tracks for the head position that you're in at the time you trigger the mouth? I.e. to trigger just the mouth/eyebrow that corresponds to the head position?


      Thanks for your help!