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    Instagram from Creative Cloud, cant get there from here


      I'm having a heck of a time uploading files edited in Lightroom Mobil to Instagram.  the lightroom folder that is in the instagram dropdown menu only has three files, no subfolder etc. I recognize those files but don't know how they got there.  So searching around in that submenu in /other I see the creative cloud icon and select it, no files are available and no option to select some of the folders that I know are stored on CC.

      So opening the CC app, I see that there are tabs for Files,
      libraries, LR Photos… and sure enough I have folders in LR Photos with the
      images I want.

      Back under CC/files, I created a folder named ToInstagram as a
      test. Back in Instagram, selecting CC as the source the folder ToInstagram is
      available.  The folder is empty but if I
      hit the  plus button, I can add files but
      it doesn’t take me to the lightroom mobile folder,  which I can not  find on my phone


      But the files are already in CC!!!!  How do I move or copy the pics from “LR
      Photos” to the “Files” section?

      This is really aggravating. Its seem that every option I
      tray has a broken link somewhere