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    captivate 2017: slide not appearing in published file

    Minka316 Level 1


      I am having an issue with a slide not appearing in production mode. The slide appears when I preview the file in Preview mode, but when I render the file in HTML5 mode and then review it from there, the slide does not appear. The audio for the slide plays, along with the closed captioning, but its appearing along with the previous slide. Very bizarre. I rendered it twice and tested each time, and the slide is just not coming up.  Any idea how I can fix this?


      Both slides are PowerPoint slides. The first slide contains audio with captioning along with a button set to appear for 'rest of slide'  'Pause after' option is turned off as clicking this button is optional. Once the audio for this slide is finished, the next slide should appear. The next slide has audio, captioning and a couple of arrows (shapes).  Like I said, the audio for this (i.e. next) slide plays, but it plays along with the text of the previous slide.




      thanks, Marion