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    internationalization / translation

      We need to translate English RoboHelp 7 HTML text to at least two languages, and later probably more languages (if all goes well). We need to update these translations once every six to twelve months. We currently translate the help text, but in a very non-efficient manner.

      We understand the concepts of computer-aided translations, and we are willing to put the time and money into it.

      We searched the Internet for documentation on how to translate RoboHelp 7 HTML. However, except for fragmented text and a few comments on forums, we could not find a true solution anywhere.

      So, we tried to contact the "big" translation-software companies first, hoping to get more specific information.

      We started with SDL, to research their Trados product line. Their web site does not mention anything about RoboHelp, but we figured that perhaps RoboHelp would be supported via their XML or HTML filters. So, we contacted SDL via their web form.

      To keep a long story short, after considerable time and numerous communications with different people at SDL, we got the following impression: They just wanted to sell to us multiple licenses for their software, pretending that it would work for RoboHelp 7 HTML, only so that we would afterwards find out that this was not true, but then not be able to get a refund. In the end, a manager somehow got a hold of our case, and admitted that this is indeed true. That is disappointing behavior.

      In addition to the bad taste in our mouth from SDL, we are back at square one. Of course, SDL is not the only vendor, but they do seem to be the biggest one.

      Anyhow, the quest for internationalization is a bit frustrating, in the sense that it almost feels like we are the first ones to undertake this quest. But we doubt that this is the case. Everytime we contact a vendor for information, they do not know what RoboHelp is (and only the "Adobe" part keeps them from hanging up the phone immediately). And they definitely do not seem to be willing to cater their software towards a RoboHelp application.

      Well, this topic is meant to warn other users about SDL's business practices, and it is also yet another request for assistance.

      Does anyone have experience with the actual translation / internationalization process? We are familiar with the concepts. We need to know which translation software is most suitable.

      In the meantime, we will pick another vendor from our list, and try again.