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    Live Performance

    bliss1954 Level 1

      What is the best way to do a live performance (not streaming) and integrating audio into the performance?  Video is not a problem, having the Audio to follow into a mixer is.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Is there a reason it needs to be live?


          if a physical mixer, can you feed output into the computer microphone jack? Then you can just start recording.


          but if you can capture the audio to a file that would probably be easier. Just import the audio file into CH and use that. Then you can edit or adjust afterwards If you make a mistake.


          note. I am guessing live streaming is more like editing mode. Sometimes if you record and play back vs export video things are not identical. Playback approximates for speed. Export media can sometimes get arms in different positions.


          i have not tried streaming myself. Not sure - can you stream to something like OBS and record the stream that way?

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            bliss1954 Level 1

            Yes, the animation will be answer questions from the audience...


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              alank99101739 Level 4

              So where are you sending the video? To a monitor in the room? Where do you want the audio to go? To a speakers in the room? Character Animator has to get a copy of the audio if you want lipsync etc to work.


              I am guessing using Character Animator “Live Streaming” mode is probably still what you want to generate video output not within in a window (e.g. the scene window will have icons at the bottom of the screen etc).


              But I suspect your audio setup is just to have a microphone feeding directly to the speakers without going through the computer (unless you need sound effects?).  As above, Character Animator probably wants a copy of the audio to do lip syncing, but you probably don’t need sound to go *through* Character Animator. (You can probably do it, but you would only do so if it made things easier for you - e.g. TV monitor signal and audio was easier if both came from Character Animator for some reason...)


              If you explain your setup a bit better others with more firsthand experience might be able to add some better suggestions.

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                bliss1954 Level 1

                Yes I was just using a monitor or projector, the easier way to do this is with a mic right to the mixer....I was looking for a more elegant solution...


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