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    Unable to open Creative Suite 6.5

    G Willy

      When I purchased a new portable hard drive in April 2018, I was offered two free months of Creative Cloud Photography. I didn't use it and just thought it would expire. Until I tried to use my purchased version of CS 6.5. When I tried to open Photoshop I received a notice to renew my subscription to Creative Cloud Photography to continue to use my Product uninterrupted. After contacting Adobe support numerous times via chat and speaking with people from a foreign country who speak English as a second language, I received an Email confirming that my account was cancelled. Fast forward 18 days, I try to open Photoshop CS 6.5 (which I own) I get the subscription renewal notice again and am unable to open my software. How do I get back to where I was before signing up for the "free" Creative Cloud Photography? I just want to be able to use software that I have bought and paid for. (Did I mention that my credit card was charged without notification?)