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    Working with Automate->Batch actions and ran into a problem...

    mr19th Level 1

      I am resizing photos from 300dpi to 72dpi.


      I have learned to open one of the photographs in the folder, create/record the action --   Resize, save and then stop the recording to save the action.


      Well, create a new action, title it and then record while I resize the photo, save it & a jpeg options window pops up. I make the selection and the file is saved and closed. I then stop the recording.


      It works great, but I have started running into a problem with certain photos.


      I will go to a folder to resize the photos. Select the folder and it starts fine, but after it finishes resizing certain photos, the same jpeg option window pops up and you have to hit enter to finish the resizing. So, I'm basically sit in front of my computer hitting enter multiple times.


      What can I do to have this action part of the action I created? I have tried recording the action several times, but nothing stops the jpeg options window to pop up.


      Photoshop 7 - I've had this version of Photoshop since college and have never upgraded. I'm sure the updated versions have more actions and can be easier to use, but I've worked with this one for years and have never needed to upgrade. I am also using Windows and not Apple.


      Thanks for any help,