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    Mogrt shows error message in Premiere pro 2017


      Hi, I purchased flash fx pack full of mogrts. They work fine in 2018 premiere pro. But 2018 version has a very bad essential graphics panel. There are no folders in it so all the files are mixed in together which makes it very inconvenient to use. Also 2018 version freezes up my computer a lot and takes forever to load. I guess what I'm trying to say is I really don't like the 2018 version because it doesn't work well on my computer. That is why I tried opening these mogrt files in 2017 version.


      The only problem is that anytime I drag a mogrt file from this pack onto a timeline (premiere pro 2017 11.1.4) an error message appears.premiere troubleshot1.JPGpremiere troubleshot2.JPG


      I have After effects 2017 version 14.2.2


      It is dynamic link compatible but still this error message shows up. Any thoughts?

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can't use the newer mogrts in older versions ... they have features not supported in them.


          You can use the CC Libraries both on your machine and in the CC cloud account for your license. In the Libraries panel, if you click on the license name line, you can then add libraries named to your needs.


          I think the problems you're having are from a lack of understanding how this is now designed to work ... it can work quite well, but it is different and not "obvious". They do have tutorials on this available.



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            juanmario Level 4

            I recommend that you review this long thread with the same problem:



            Where it is cited:


            I think I figured it out.  It appears that you are using the root directory of a drive for Media Cache, which is not supported by AE.  It's possible to get into this state because PR and AE share the same cache directory.  And if you migrated your AE preferences when updating to 14.2, AE will use the root directory settings from the older AE preferences.  That is the actual problem, which results in the failure to use the (.mogrts) in PR.

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