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    what is this?

    kit02 Level 1
      What is this area of the workspace called? http://www.hauppauge.com/pics/workspace.jpg

      I know it shows the item you have selected and almost acts like a grouped item and the hierarchy of that item. But sometimes, and I don't know how this happens, I can keep clicking and clicking that item and more things appear in this space and I don't know how that happens (for example I just saw "tween 1" appear there). Undoing never gets rid of those, I have to revert to save.
      I'm probably not explaining this good but I guess if I knew what it was called I can do more research on it.

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          You are referring to the "Edit Bar"

          It displays a breadcrumb path from your root Stage to wherever you are inside of a symbol. For instance, the image you linked tells me that you are on a scene called "hvr950" and are editing the graphic symbol "hvr950 title" If you click on "hvr950" you will end up back at the root, or if you go into the edit mode of a symbol inside of "hvr950 title" then that symbol will appear in the list. (IE "Tween1" is probably a graphic that is inside of "hvr950 title" and is titled in the manner of a graphic symbol automatically created for you by Flash to perform a Motion Tween on a shape. Double clicking on that graphic symbol will add "Tween 1" to the list -- "hvr950" | "hvr950 title" | "Tween 1" -- which displays the list of symbols back to your Scene's stage)