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    Deployment problem mx:HTTPService

      We developed a Flex application in a local RAD/Websphere development environment where it works fine. However after we loaded to the QA environment the data referenced by the application appears to fail to be delivered to the swf program.

      The Flex application uses mx:HTTPService to identify the source of the data thusly....

      url="/ShareholderInformationPortal/ExecutiveSummary.do?requestFor=ResponseData&amp;xml=tr ue"

      This url will cause the application server to obtain data from a database, and send back an XML formatted page. It also happens to display the data in the log (for testing purposes). In both the local and QA environment we see the data in the log, so we know that it is being obtained from the database. However the data is only populated in the flex application that runs locally.

      There are a number of differences between the local and QA server. Most of these can be controlled and eliminated. Specifically, QA goes through a Apache server, but the Apache server can and has been bypassed by adjusting the URL. QA also tends to use a proxy, but this can and has been be turned off.

      The only real differences we can clearly establish is that QA runs on Websphere and the local server runs Another difference is that local testing has all been on a local LAN and the QA server is relatively "far away" on the corporate network.

      Does anyone have any ideas?