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    Adding Actions To /images/Symbols


      I have a png graphic that i created in Fireworks & imported into Flash CS4. I then converted the image into a movie clip symbol & used it in Bouncing animation sequence.
      What i would like to do is once the animation reaches the end, i want to click on the graphic & goto a different frame to start another animation.
      But when itry to select actions whilst i have the graphic seleted, i see the mesage 'current selection cannot have actions applied'.
      I am using actionscript 2.1 as there are commands that seem familiar to me with this version.

      so how do i add a action to a graphic which is a movie symbol?

      Regards, shuja
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Is the graphic the item you are clicking on (inside the movieclip) or are you clicking on a movieclip symbol holding the graphic inside?

          Also, what do your publishing settings show under the Flash tab for the AS version?
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            dabooj Level 1
            The AS version is selected as 3 in the publishing properties but when i go into the actions section i select the actionscript 2.1 tab which lists the common commands & i select them from there.

            I want to click on the graphic itself (use the graphic as a button) within the movie clip. So once the movie has played and stopped, i want users to click on one of the graphics to start another animation related to that particular graphic (like a sub-animation or sub menu).

            so is it possible to get a mouseclick or mouse over command on a graphic within flash?
            If so, please give me a detailed outline on how to do so as i am a complete novice to flash & actionscrcipt.

            regards, shuja.
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Go back to your publishing settings and change it to be AS2 (should be a dropdown list to select it). The publishing settings dictate what will be used for compiling the code and put restrictions on the AS editing. AS3 does not permit putting code onto objects as AS2 does, which is why you see that "cannot have actions applied" message.

              Note: putting code on objects (such as on(release), etc) isn't a good practice. There are alternatives that allow you to place your code in the timeline where it is readily findable and more amenable coding as well. If you'd like to see what I mean, there's another posting I helped out with that links a sample file demonstrating this approach: Find it here